As the Garden Club continues to plan this undertaking, we are accepting both donations and pledges of future donations.

As of May 1st, seven businesses and/or individuals have donated or pledged to donate to this endeavor.  We are truly grateful for all the help and encouragement we are receiving for this project.

Until our plans are closer to being finalized, we really cannot be sure of what our needs may be.  Nevertheless, below is a partial list of things we think we will be needing, some of which have already been pledged.

NEEDS: As of May 1st, the following donations are still needed.

  • Good gardening soil (loam)
  • Manure
  • Ground mesh or weed block
  • Granite for borders
  • Volunteers for construction of the bed
  • Cash — for consulting fees, for plants that we cannot supply from our own gardens, and for who knows what else!  Any financial donations that are not used will be rolled into the scholarship funds.
  • Volunteers for ongoing upkeep would be great.

Thanks to everyone for helping make this project a success.