Courtesy of Kathleen Quintal
  • Update about Meeting Time and Place
    The Town has leased our beloved Auxiliary Hall for the summer into the early fall.Consequently, we will have our summer meetings at various members’ houses, giving usan opportunity to see
  • Notes from The Garden Club 4/7/22
    We had 6 members join us for the in person meeting. An email has been sent to current members to seewhat day may work better to have a larger participation
  • Seed Starting in Zone 4
    The chart below was developed by the late Adam Tomash and June Zellers, formerly of Avant Gardens in West Gardiner, based on their decades of growing vegetables in Zone 4
    Johnnys Selected Seeds invited the West Gardiner Garden Club to participate in the Plant Happiness Project.  We received 250 orange tulip bulbs.   Orange symbolizes happiness in the world of tulips. 
  • Container Gardening Presentation
    Jean Vose, Master Gardener and Horticulturist living in Nobleboro, was our guest speaker in November.  She is committed to conservation and other nature activities, an active birder for many years.