The Town has leased our beloved Auxiliary Hall for the summer into the early fall.
Consequently, we will have our summer meetings at various members’ houses, giving us
an opportunity to see each other’s gardens. The hostess will decide the day of the week
and the time – and we will let everyone know by email several days in advance.
The tentative schedule is:
Charlene McFarland will host on Thursday, July 7 th , or another day that week
depending on the weather. She will pick the time for the gathering, which may
be during the day.
Kathleen Quintal will host on Thursday, August 4 th , or another day that week,
again picking the time for the gathering.
Pam Savage will host on Thursday, September 1 st with similar leeway to pick the
another day that week and the time.
Karen Merrill also volunteered to host if any of the above develop a conflict or,
perhaps, if the Auxiliary Hall is not available for our October meeting.
Starting in October, we will meet at the Auxiliary Hall the first Wednesday of each
month, starting at 6:30 p.m.